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Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Season comes to an end

The 2011 bodybuilding season has come and gone. It has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for the whole bodybuilding and fitness community. As for myself from the beginning of the year I was contemplating retiring from competing. I wanted to spend more time with my daughter and JulieAnn. With a lot of thought I decided to take it month by month. From Jan till the beginning of July I devoted my time to my daughter and her softball team. Since I was one of the coaches and eventually was selected to help coach the Bonita Valley Girls 8u Gold Softball team it took up a lot of my time, so I got in training when I could. I decided at the end of June I was going to compete in the IFPA Pro USA in Sacramento. So that meant I had to train my ass off and diet for 3 weeks straight of no cheating while at my daughters games. So I had to pack all my food for the weekends and suffer. But everything turned out good and I shocked myself on how fast my body responded. The result was the Overall Pro Winner. From there I had the fire back. I went on to compete in 4 more competitions. While I was getting ready for the fall competitions, I had the opportunity to guest pose on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. While the year was in full swing I had my eye on nothing but the Natural Olympia at the end of the year. My goal was to win the Natural Olympia for the third consecutive time. But the first stop was the INBA Team USA in which I won the Overall, Second stop and a very important show was the Natural Universe in Australia which I knew the same competitors that I would going up against were going to be at the Natural Olympia in Reno in 3 weeks so I had to make sure I was on top of my game. Coming out of Australia I won the Overall making me the 3X Natural Universe champion and had the momentum going into the Natural Olympia. Once I got back from Australia, I caught a cold which put me out of training for one week. So with 2weeks left to go till the Natural Olympia, I had to cardio and train my ass off to get ready and at the same time dropped my carbs. With the help of JulieAnn and my sponsor GENr8 I pulled off my 3rd consecutive win at the Natural Olympia and winning the brand new 2012 Toyota Yaris and making me the 3X Natural Olympia Champion. An end to a great year.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 Season

First blog of 2011, Wow its been awhile, Ive been in hibernation. I've been contemplating on retiring from competing but decided to just take it show by show.

I've been competing since 1998 and every year it's tough, especially when the there is no offseason.

This year was a little different. My 8year old little girl made the Bonita Valley softball All-Star team and I was also privileged enough to be selected as one of the assistant coaches for the team. So from Feb until the first week of July we have had nothing but nonstop softball games, practices etc.

I decided if the team were to make it to the state tounanment than I would not compete until the latter part of the year, but the last week in June we had the district tournanment unfortunatly we lost so our softball season was over. So i decided to compete in the IFPA PRO USA in Sacramento July 16. Not alot of time to get ready. I was already in some sort of shape. So that meant alot of cardio and keeping my carbs very low and protein high and training twice per day. Luckily I pulled it off with a win not being 100%.

From there I decided to go ahead with the season, I had the fire back, Next show on the list a show I competed in last year in which I lost, Mr. Frontera down in Tijuana, Mexico. With more time to prepare, I was back on the stairmill twice a day for an hour at a time along with training. Redemption time.

This year my goal is to get progressively get better with each show, especially in the condtioning department so by the time the Natural Olympia comes around it's gonna be crazy.

With 4 more shows on the schedule possibly 5 I have to be smart on the way i approach each show.

With the competition tonight in Mexico I've been carbing up since yesterday and dropping my water at a slow level. This afternoon I will eat a burger from a resturant to fill out a little more and put some sodium back into my body. Show starts tonight at 8pm .

So stay tuned for results

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Friday, December 10, 2010

This will be my offseason diet for the next 4 to 8 weeks. Some adjustments will be made during the course. This diet will start on monday of this coming week. My workouts are still on hiatus. Haven't been to the gym since winning the Natural Olympia. I was going to start this past monday but decided to wait for another week.

Meal 1- 10egg whites, 2whole eggs with 1 1/2c of oatmeal with 2tablespoons of organic peanut butter

Meal 2- 2 scoops of iso100 with 2 scoops of vitargo

Meal 3- 10oz of cooked chicken, 2c of white rice, 1c of green beans

Meal 4- 10oz of cooked chicken, 2c of white rice, 1c of green beans

Meal 5- 10oz of cooked steak, 2 whole sweet potatos, or 2cups of pasta, 1c of green beans

Meal 6- 2 scoops of iso100 with 2 scoops of vitargo

Meal 7- 10oz of cooked steak, 1c of grits, 1c of green beans

Meal 8 - casein protein or syntha or musclemilk, 2scoops before bed.

Cheat meals on tuesdays and saturdays. Whenever needed.

Supplements used:

Xtend- 6scoops in a half gallon jug of water. 3xper day.
Digestive enzymes- 2pills every meal
Vitargo 2x not including preworkout, intra and post
Superpump or EVP
Multivitamin 2x/day
Sizeon or crealyze 2sccops 2x/day
Iso 100 (protein by dymatize)
Omega pills 1pill 3x/day
Joint supps, 5pills, 2x/day
Glutamine - 1 teaspoon 3x per day.

Cardio - 4times a week 30min on treadmill